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June 2022 (ongoing until further notice in shaa'Allaah)

Quranic Studies | Tafsir Reading - All students beyond Juz 28 will be referred to an outside/additional memorization class details given to participants

Returning to Reading Surah al-Fatihah (1) |The Noble Quran & Al-Misbaah al-Muneer (Tafsir Ibn Kathir) | Juz Amma (30), Juz Tabarak (29), and Juz Qad Sami'a (28)

View clarifications from the Students of Knowledge on current text or issues...

The abridged copy of the book labeled Tafsir Ibn Kathir is actually a book called "Al-Misbaah al-Muneer", it is a re-writing authored by Safiur Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri ---clarification given by one of our salafi teachers on Rajab 1440/March 10, 2019 (May Allah increase me and all of you in knowledge allahumma aameen)


The Correct Creed

Are you self-studying the book of Shaykh 'Abdus Salaam bin Burjis [rahimahullah]?

then you should also...

Listen to the audio lectures to this important topic explained by one of our beloved teachers who have gone before us. May he be granted the good of Sadaqa Jarriyah allahumma aameen. Explained by Dr. Saleh as Saleh (rahimahullah)

*Reminders benefit the believers: why is this post still here on the homepage? The Correct Creed is a topic that must be understood, grasped to the fullest, given effort and continuous review just like learning Kitaabat-Tawheed and The Three Fundamental Principles. May Allah guide us all to having the correct understanding of the religion Aameen 

Copying and distributing books (PDF Version) without permission (PIRACY)

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What are your favorite books for learning the Arabic language?

It's important to keep striving to learn the Arabic language bi'ithnillah. Ask about details for a recommended online class!

Fall Semester 2022 -2023
Choices of Suggested Textbooks
 vary from year to year but always include the following homeschool subjects: Islamic History, Islamic Studies, Biographies, Quranic Studies and Hadith Studies. Buy early and Ask questions when needed in shaa'Allaah

What are your students' reading?

The Biography of the Prophet (sallaAllahu alaihi wa sallaam) and His Ten companions (radiAllahu anhum) would be an excellent choice in shaa'Allaah

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Monday, Apr 3 at 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM
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Jazaakumullaahu Khayraa Ya Muslimaat. May Allah Bless you and grant me and all of you al-afiyah Allahumma aameen